[General] - Registered but did not receive keys


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Category: General

Issue Title: Registered but did not receive keys

Issue Description: I believe that when registering you are asked if you would like to receive messages/info, i do not believe i clicked that box. I am almost one-hundred percent positive i registered.

This obviously sounds like a scam, it really is not, i have been following don't starve (in general) for a long time, i own all DLC and i own two Chester figures. I need this.

Steps to Reproduce: Wouldn't have a clue.

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Read: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/44729-dont-starve-together-roadmap/



Between today and December 15, 2014, we will be sending invites to everyone in the initial batch of beta signups.


You should get 2 keys in your email anytime between now and Dec. 15. Again, if you registered you should receive your keys by Dec. 15. at the latest.  They are giving the rest out at random.


This is not a game bug.

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