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[Gameplay] 2 iissues with Spider Egg Sac (planted)


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2 iissues with Spider Egg Sac (planted)

Steps to reproduce

1: Destruction of egg sac using Ghost companion (3rd char) does not provide drop, instead deleting (despawning) the entire sac, similar to Fire.

2: Multiple Spider Egg (Item) drops when multiple Pigs (I've done this thrice with 16+ pig buddies) when 1 Spider Egg Sac (planted) is destroyed.

Describe your issue

On my current gameplay, I have around 16-20 pigs that I can easily buddy-up. When having them to assault a Spider Egg Sac, I've received up to 3 Spider Eggs (item) from one Egg Sac. This might have been caused by several pigs landing "Last Hit" on the Egg Sac? "Bonus" Silks also dropped along with those "Bonus" Spider Eggs.

Next is destruction of Spider Egg Sac using the 3rd character's Ghost Companion. It simply despawns/deletes the Spider Egg Sac (as though the sac was destroyed by Fire entity), so there was no Silk nor Egg drops. Not too sure if this was intended.

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