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[Gameplay] Left Sidebar Menu (Crafting)

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siege7    10

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Left Sidebar Menu (Crafting)

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It was at night, i made the science machine, and started to look at the new things I could craft on the left side bar menu.

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When I was at the science machine all the new things i can craft show up on the left side bar menu which is fine, but when I leave the science machine, the descriptions for some of the items do not go away. For example, at the science machine, go to the left side bar to see how to make a tent, leave the science machine, but the sidebar for the tent does not go away.

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Chesska    71

Replying to say the same thing has happened to me, though I'm not sure how it occurred since it was so long ago.

Restarting the game fixed the issue for me so I didn't think much of it.

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