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[suggestion] frame rate adjustment in settings menue

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  • Steam client runs at 60hz on fast computers.
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Well, the game is really looking much better with this smooth 60Hz animation and scrolling, but it's quite problematic, that the game decides by itself if the player has got a "fast computer" or not. There should be a option in the settings menue like "computerspeed: fast/slow/automatic".

Here's the reason why:

I'm running the game on a laptop and the game seems to rate my PC as a "fast computer". This is true in the first place (although "fast" is a bendable definition), but after playing some time the computer is getting really hot (like many laptops/notebooks/netbooks do when gaming) and the processor is automaticly clocked down (done by the hardware, not the OS). Now my computer is actually a "slow computer", which makes the game stumble.

Of course, it might be a solution to implement a runtimecheck, if the computer is "still fast", but that would make the game switching back and forth the frame rate or (matter of actual implementation) would make the game running smooth at the beginning and "unsmooth" after a while. So I suggest the already mentioned three state option "computerspeed: fast/slow/automatic" with the default state "automatic", since this would be OK in most cases.

Keep on the good work! Don't Starve rocks! :D

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