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Overheating rebalance

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Soopakoopa    72

    Personally, I find the overheating in this game to be a bit overwhelming.

Yes, being out in the summer for too long during summer can be bad for you, but

as it is it's nearly impossible to take a short walk across your base without stopping

under a tree for shade.


1. It should happen MUCH less quickly; there's absolutely no reason why

    Summer should be more deadly than Winter.


2. You should overheat more quickly when doing work-related stuff such

    as chopping and mining.


3. Instead of draining your health quickly, it should drain a bit of health and

    a lot of hunger, since what overheating actually tends to do in real life is

    dehydrate you, and hunger seems like the closest parallel since there is

    no thirst system in the game so far.


4. If you're in a state of overheat too long, you'll go delirious and start losing

    sanity. This one is more of a "maybe consider" than "please consider."

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