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[Gameplay] Pigs wandering, not respawning

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So I've noticed that pig behaviour has been drastically changed. It seems that we are no longer able to order pigs to attack other creatures in the game without having to actually attack it. Which is a change that is probably necessary for PvP and has made the game harder (which is a good thing  :joyous: )


But what I've noticed is that if you befriend a pig and when nighttime comes, the pig starts to wander away towards any kind of light source NOT generated by players*. Which makes it very difficult to gather pigs, I'm not sure if this was deliberate but...


I once went a large distance away from our camp (after befriending about 10 pigs) and then entered a wormhole, going even further; the large distance was still reachable by foot, there were no islands. Nighttime came, and the pigs started to scatter so I gave up on whatever I was trying to do and went home. After about 20 days, the pigs never respawned in their pig houses.It was as if they were lost and wandering. I thought I could find them and kill them so they could respawn but I could never find them.


I just want to know if anyone else is having this kind of problem with pigs respawning, and I'd like to hear what you guys think about pig balancing too. (My first don't starve post)

*Light generated by heatstones gather pigs

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