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Add option to signal friend for supplies/ landmarks(non-PVP servers)

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Hi all at Klei! I just wanted to provide my humble opinion in regards to the Beta for Don't Starve Together (So far I love it!).


I was thinking it could be a good option for players like me who normally play with friends or family, that there could be an option to signal our friend(s) where we are, of course this would be good on a PVE environment or where the game is being played Co-op.


My suggestion is to add a button to "signal" our friend(s) where certain landmark or supply is (i.e.: Berry bushes, gold, etc, and make it so it would disappear after certain amount of time. That way the exploration factor is still there and we won't be just heading to the same spot every time. Normally my friends and I would split to cover the map but there are sometimes I am in need of certain resource they have found and they have no means to signal where that would be.



I understand some people would complain, but this can be an optional setting for when non-PVP servers are created. 


Another option would also be just signaling where the other player is (also when non-PVP game is in progress).

Basically, in case you don't want to read all that, my suggestions come up to the following:

  • Add an option to signal resource or landmark locations (like AoE's or Starcraft's signaling option) OR
  • Add option to view your friend(s) on the map. 

Thank you for letting us test this Beta version and we are confident it will be another awesome game!  :juggling:

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Welcome, Samus, to the forums. I think I heard that players will show up on the map in a future update, but I am not to sure. Your idea is similar to others, which is good because Klei gets a better idea of what the community would like. 

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