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[Graphics] Tooltip text displayed on cursor goes off screen


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Tooltip text displayed on cursor goes off screen

Steps to reproduce

Mouse-over menus on left of screen to display tooltip text.

Describe your issue

Sorry I'm not sure of the version number, I can't find this on the Steam version. Also I am running in windowed mode maximised.

There is an issue where the text which hovers over the mouse goes off the screen and is unreadable, mainly observed when the mouse moves to the edges of the screen left and right, for example when mousing over the construction menu on the left. This can result in unreadable text.

There should be some movement on the text tooltip so that it always tries to move to the centre point but if that would place any part of it off screen, then it will adjust accordingly to always be visible on screen. Alternatively the tooltip text for the menus on the side panels should be automatically placed in a set position so as to always display on screen.

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