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No Controller buttons


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I finally bought Don't Starve but have a problem.

As i started the game the first time, I was asked to use the controller or not.

Of course i agreed.


I can normally play with the controller, but the problem is i can not see the Xbox buttons ingame.


I use an original wireless Xbox 360 controller.


Can someone help me? :D




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[i cant find the edit-button so i hope you don't mind double posting]


Finally i fixed it... randomly.


After i tried everything possible I downloaded a illegal copy of the game

[ Sorry, I hope i won't get reported for that. I DONT RECOMMEND GOING THAT WAY IF YOU HAVE THAT PROBLEM ASWELL].

With the illegal copy i got these buttons, with the steam game not.


Then i tried to copy the "data" folder from the illegal copy, into my steamgame and... It was fixed.
Then i tried to verify the game.. It downloaded 9 files.. still fixed.


Then reinstalled the game... still fixed.


So I don't understand where the problem was, but happy it doesn't exist anymore.


Thanks for your help anyway Wade ;)


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