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hi forum people,

I'm using Google Chrome for Mac, I down loaded beta from Google Crome apps "don't work" Black screen on 'static.zip' so thought maybe purchasing it and selecting key for Google Chrome would work but that "don't work" still Black screen and now to top it of the link to get the key code no longer works SO now I have NO CODE AND NO GAME. I know it a beta BUT come on. Just wondering "Is it coz I'm mac" it don't like me or is there an easy fix to this. I've go no add blocks on got the latest OS 10.6.8 all drivers, java everything up to date. Only thing I can think is I'm using a Mini Mac 2006/7 make and its not got the right graphics card or something like that. Please can anyone through some light on whats up...

Peace out Manic Miner

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