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[Suggestion] Ghosts - Invisible hands and haunting touch

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First I just want to thank KleiEntertainment for the Beta Key.
For the second point i have to tell you that i have been interessted in the ghost feature since it was first mentioned on the life stream and thinking about it.

Now that i was finally able to try them out i noticed that one is rendered with very few options and that it becomes rather hard to travel solid distances. A lot of time one spend wanting around without a real target but hoping for someone to drop a heart for you.
...one takes the other route and collect a solid ghost army with graves. Haunting the items, sapling and grass to burn your "friends" down to the ground. But that felt way to powerful.
What i am struggling with is the issue of being completely useless and too powerful at the same time.




So i was trying to come up with a solution that keeps people motivated to stay within the game and gives them the feeling of having still influence on it.


For this i would introduce a new stat called something along "Ectoplasma". It would build up everytime a ghost haunts an object. Along with that i would reduce the effect ghosts have on objects. I would remove or at least reduce the chance drastical of a haunted grave spawning a guardian ghost. Also would lower the change of stuff selfcombusting when a ghost haunts them.


While the ghost builds up it's "Ectoplasma" it's given more and more interaction options, as the option to spawn guardian ghosts from graves directly, setting loose fires on purpose.


It would also be sweet to have some completely new feature like possessing skeletons or mobs for a short period of time.




Please let me know what you guys think of this. And for the case that KleiEntertainment doesn't pick up this idea, we could all work on a mod adding this mechanic if there is enough positive feedback.

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OoOOOoOOoooooh!!! Possession!


Now that is interesting.

I know for some players it's hard to build up your health or can be. Inexperienced or bad luck or don't have the resources available, so it can take some time at doing if you aren't prepared prior.


All I am thinking about now is being able to possess a hound or something and run around biting at things. Oh my word :o! *giddy*

I mean even if you needed some help like from your friend to lower a mobs "psyche" or whatever to make the mobs possess-able basically, or as you say haunting things or so to build up your own ability, by yourself.

I don't know if I like the idea of a short period of time!! lol! Maybe if you actively do something depending on what mob you want, it lengthens the time span and/or you can leave voluntarily.  I'm just thinking how fun that would be to roam around as a hound now or even a catcoon.




Intriguing idea. :love_heart:

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Thank you all for your rather positive replys!


I will try to generate some visual examples on how the GUI/Items could look like.



I was thinking about something along your lines.


If you posses/reanimate a skeleton you would be able to increase the limited time duration by draining lifeforce from living beings. Something like just simply attacking could work as that.


For that specific case of your catcoon existence... throwing up furballs maybe? =P Or catching and playing with some smaller living being till they are all dead might increase your possession duration as well ;)



An a bit different idea would be that one would have points equal to the amount of ectoplasma spent when the possession started and it won't drain ectoplasma as long as you do actions that are usual for the possessed entity. But as soon as you start issuing action that are past the entities habits it will cost you. Like walking to far away from the spider hive as a spider.

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