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[Gameplay] Pig friends killed small bird friends


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Pig friends killed small bird friends

Steps to reproduce

1. have small bird and pig followers.

2. have one of the pig followers turn werepig.

3. kill were pig before other pigs can attack him.

Describe your issue

I had 2 small birds and 4 pigs following me. 3 pigs trying to get food that fell int the ocean the rest of us back at camp.

I fed the remaining pig cooked monster meat and he turned into a werepig. I killed him before the other 3 pigs could arrive, they then turn on my small birds. I would of killed the pigs but they were still friendly and I couldn't.

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Nothing personal Dandy but it's hard to trust someone who is currently temp banned.

Any official word on if this is a bug or not? it feels kind of strange as I had a pig running around with my birds for quite some time. The other three pigs were trying to get some meat floating in the water. It just seems a little strange for it to be normal behaviour as they only attacked when coming to rescue me from the werepig (which was not interested in my birds).

It was all very amusing I might add, but it just doesn't feel intended and would rule out ever having pigs and birds together, which is kind of contrary to being able to find your own method to survive.

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  • Developer

Hmm...When you attack attacked the Werepig, the Smallbird would also have gone into attack state against the Werepig. I wonder if the Pigmen are reacting wrong to this.

I'll look into this further. Interesting, interesting...Thanks!

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