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[Gameplay] [Steam] Issues With Left-Clicking


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Re-post using the proper form. The old one should be just below this, should anyone feel the need to remove it. I can't seem to figure out how.



Do you use mods?


  • Version Number
     Rev. 115739
  • Issue title
  • Locking Into Left-Click
  • Steps to reproduce
  • 1. Begin Game
  • 2. Randomly Press A Few Keys
  • 3. Issue Begins
  • Describe your issue

 I've seen that multiple people have problems with the game randomly left-clicking, but I have a slightly different one.


Every few moments, my game will hold left-click and move the character towards the pointer until I click out of it. It seems to be directly correlated to my keyboard.


Whenever I've hit a few keys (anywhere between five and fifteen, I'm seeing), the issue will kick in and he'll begin running until I make him stop.


I don't use VJoy, and I've removed DS3 and Joy2Key from my system. I have no controllers plugged in to my PC. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, and reset my mouse to see if it was maybe a hardware issue. Nothing's worked so far.


The only thing I could possibly think of is my wireless keyboard is rather old, so instead of a Logitech-style "one receiver fits all" thing, it uses it's own bulky Microsoft receiver that takes up both a USB slot and a PS/2 port.


I just purchased the game a few hours ago, and this was an immediate problem. Anyone know how to fix this?

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I have never experienced this issue, but I suggest you try using a different keyboard all together. If you have any extras lying around, that should be a good way to isolate whether it really is software or hardware related. If not, ask a friend for an extra keyboard just for a day or something.


If you've tried this, explain what you did and what you used and if it fixes the problem. If doesn't fix anything, I suggest you still say what happened and wait on people who could probably help with your issue better than I can.


Good luck.

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