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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics

Issue Title: networkloginwidget

Issue Description: Since 117876 networkloginwidget.lua uses

STRINGS.UI.NOTIFICATION.LOGIN ("Logging in") at line 47.

But there are still 2 places, where text initialized as local_message_widget:SetString("Logging in")

And one more thing is that

local_message_widget:SetRegionSize( 130, 44 )

should be reassigned in compliance with STRINGS.UI.NOTIFICATION.LOGIN string length aswell.

P.S. There is screens/networkloginpopup, that should use STRINGS.UI.NOTIFICATION.LOGIN too.

Steps to Reproduce: If you change the STRINGS.UI.NOTIFICATION.LOGIN value in strings.lua, you will see weird text blinking at the beginning of gameplay.

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Oh, SethR, could you be kind, please fix widgets/canceltipwidget issue.


There is message, that buit like this:

            local_cancel_tip_widget:SetString(STRINGS.UI.NOTIFICATION.PRESS.." ("..TheInput:GetLocalizedControl(controller_id, CONTROL_CANCEL)..") "..STRINGS.UI.NOTIFICATION.DISCONNECT)

so as an result it does:

"Press (TAB) to Disconnect".


At first, in russian (and many other languages) it would be "Нажмите (TAB), чтобы отсоединиться".

Here is the case of subordinate clause, which should be separated with comma in russian.

as you can see, currently there is no way to type this comma correctly. it could be done like "(TAB) , что..."

so easiest way to fix this would be to make that " " as part of STRINGS.UI.NOTIFICATION.DISCONNECT.

But i suggest you to make just one message like STRINGS.UI.NOTIFICATION.DISCONNECT="Press XXXXX to Disconnect", and then use it in string.gsub, like you did it before in skeleton prefab.

Thank you :-)

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