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[Gameplay] Backpack item stacks wrong priority

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acmd    10

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Issue title

Backpack item stacks wrong priority

Steps to reproduce

1. Cram your inventory with items

2. Activate the backpack

3. Place unfinished stack of items in a backpack slot. You shouldn't have any unfinished item stacks of that type in your base inventory.

4. Free some slot from your base inventory

5. Pick up item of the same type from the ground -> it won't stack with backpack slot and rather fill freed slot in the base inventory

Describe your issue

I'm not sure is this a bug or a feature but it's kinda annoying when you've got 2 unfinished stacks of similar items and don't have additional free slot because of it:p Screen -

P.S. Thank you for the great game!

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Wade    309

Glad you're enjoying the game! The items not being placed into the stack in your backpack is an issue that we're aware of, and are hoping to have fixed very Soon. Thanks!

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