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Hero Deerclops?!


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I am not a hundred percent sure this is a bug, and it was very beneficial to me, but I'm posting it here just in case. I was playing chapter four of Adventure Mode (in this case, The Game is Afoot), and after dying and being revived using a meat effigy on day nine, I was barely able to get a torch together - I was going to freeze to death, no question. Then the Deerclops spawned, and attacked a set piece involving berry bushes and about eight pig torches - logs and fuel for fire, which I would have otherwise been unable to get since there was no flint that I could reach. I lit a fire using the logs in relief, and then the Deerclops wandered over to me. I thought my respite was going to be short-lived, but he just ignored me. Many times over the course of the next two days, I was huddled by my fire, keeping it burning, and the Deerclops came well within blow-dart range, possibly even melee striking range, then just walked away.


Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but if the Deerclops is close to you, shouldn't it target you? It smashes stuff that a hammer can smash, I know, and it did that with gusto, but is it not supposed to target the player as well if it gets too close? Frankly, the only reason I survived the winter of The Game is Afoot is BECAUSE the Deerclops spawned, and one's response to the Deerclops's arrival should NOT be "Oh, thank goodness, I'm saved!", am I right?


Again, I'm not completely sure this is a bug, but it seemed out-of-place enough that I thought it warranted reporting.

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Deerclops tries to destroy some structures before he automatically aggrovates on people. I don't think pig torches count as structures, nor campfires, but I'll quickly check.


EDIT: Pig torches count. New theory: stiff wine/whiskey. It'd fit the -clops part of the story, at least.

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