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[Graphics] BUMP Graphics bug (Cant get version Either)


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BUMP Graphics bug (Cant get version Either)

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This is a graphics glitch I've been having since i've gotten the game...

I am really getting annoyed by this and would love for someone to help me out here...

I made a video about this glitch Link ---->

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thanks for your video link.

Lets see if I can't troubleshoot you out of this.

First lets check some classic trouble makers out.

What graphics card are you running?

Also try this for me

Go to your Steam Library

Right click on "Don't Starve"

Select "Properties"

Select the "Local Files" tab

Click the "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache..." button.

When the process is complete, launch Don't Starve

Get back to me on results and we will see what we get.

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Im using an ATI Radeon 1300. Lol. Its pretty bad but I have no problems playing games such as ArmA II and games that require intense graphic cards. I have reinstalled the game several times. Sorry for not adding that to the Description. Im presuming its my graphics card. :I

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Configuration for Radeon cards they can

Slow performance on laptop with ati graphics

Red outlines

Dark Screen

Green colored game

In Catalyst Control Center (CCC) under "Use application configuration, check anisotropic filtering.

At least we can identify it is in fact your graphics card. The Radeon is to blame.

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