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Problems with enabling mods.


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Hello, let me explain the events leading up to my problem, and my problem. I recently installed Don't starve, I then installed Don't Starve ROG (Reign of giants as I'm sure most of you know), This morning I downloaded some mods, but when I attempted to install them, they all said "Crashed!" I just ignored that, hoping it was just a harmless bug, I enabled all of my mods, then exited the mods menu, I then saw the notification saying that only 2 out of the 5 mods I had installed were enabled, This puzzled me, so I went back to the mods menu to find... All the mods but 2 said "To be disabled" or "Crashed!" if I had not enabled them, but the 2 that did get enabled, seemed to be running fine(I have not tested them, but it seems all there files are there" since then I have tried deleting, re-installing the mods, and even looking into the modinfo.lua files in them, but I find nothing.


I do have 1 theory, it may be that because My internet was very slow, It did not download all the files properly, so I may try to re-download all of the mods if no one finds a solution.


I hope someone can help!


Here is a screenshot.



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