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[Graphics] Spider glitch when returning to nest

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ChadD    10

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Spider glitch when returning to nest

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Spiders that return the their nest in the morning get 'stuck' on the nest and never go inside they flash back and forwards as if changing direction very, very fast.

Of my current play through I saw this first on day 23, It's now 48 is and I go to check on him periodically (Bentley is his name)... and sure enough still there...

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Ora    10

Not saying this shouldn't be fixed, but if it is bothering you there is a remedy. I have seen this a few times, and every time I do I can't leave it alone. Just run up to him and take a couple swings at him. Eventually you will land a blow and it will stop trying to return to the nest and attack you. At this point, you can easily kill it. Just be careful not to accidentally whack the nest though, or you might find yourself in a world of hurt.

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