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[Gameplay] Birds Disappearing in Bird Cages

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Knallis    15

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Birds Disappearing in Bird Cages

Steps to reproduce

Not yet reproduced on my own. First occurrence -- saved game shortly after the sun came up and closed out of the game on steam. Reloaded later to find the red bird was no longer in cage.

Describe your issue

I have two bird cages, one with a red bird, and the other with a crow. After night time, when the sun was coming up and the music jingle was playing, I saved and exited the game, and came back to find that the red bird was now no longer in his cage, or anywhere else. I recaught a red bird, put it back in the cage, then saved and exited again, but nothing happened. The bird was still present when I reloaded.

I also neglected to feed them for 3 days to see if this was a mechanic, that birds would die unless fed. That didn't work either. Restarted the game at dawn exactly, that hasn't reproduced the bug either. I am not sure if it was a one time fluke or not. Has anyone else had this issue?

I also don't want to make excessive topics so here's another visual bug that is pretty weird to me. It happened the same time the bird thing happened.

That looks like a bird trap to let me know I've got a trap there. This part of the map, I was just exploring for the first time, when I saw that symbol on the map and went to go look. There's... nothing there. I rotated the screen as well and all around the area of the trap there's nothing but trees, no other objects either, like saplings -- its all trees.

Anyway! Anyone else have problems with birds disappearing from their cages? Is this a bug at all? (I hope so, otherwise I'll feel foolish :c )

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Smeggit    11

I've lost a Redbird too. I'm not sure at which point it disappeared but there was no saving and reloading, it was just gone one night. I hadn't fed them for a while so I was wondering if they can starve.

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