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[Exploit] Beefalo Wool Instant regrowth when reloading game.


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Beefalo Wool Instant regrowth when reloading game.

Steps to reproduce

1. Shave beefalo.

2. Click esc, then Save and Exit.

3. Click Continue.

4.Your freshly shaved beefalo should have regrown all his wool.

Describe your issue

I noticed this bug after shaving a couple of the beefalos around my camp at night.

Whenever i shave them, they immediately regrow their Hair as
as i reload the map(save & exit, then logging back into it, no need to fully exit the game). I then went to try this out a couple of times and it works each and every single time. whether its day or night when i reload, theyre all fresh full of hair after.

On a side note, I noticed beefalo drop aggro when doing this. i accidentaly attacked one when trying to reproduce the exploit, and upon logging back in, he was all hairy and quite friendly.

PS: i coulndt not for the love of .... find the version number, im using the latest steam build as of 7:14pm est

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