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[OPEN 4 REQUESTS] So I heard you don't like triangles! You gonna change your mind!

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greenglacier    1247

You must know the illuminati by now and that their symbol is the eye of providence, in short a triangle with an eye in it. Today I decided that I want to draw triangles (well, nothing particular if you know me) for people and spread the illuminating word. So take a look at the completed ones.

       This one is Ares      It wants to be a pharaoh         This one is Zeus          It's @_Q_'s triangle.
          It's Kratos              This one is @DwerBomb     This one is @Dara999's        It's Vel'koz

 @Halved's triangle               It's @Starvation             @MenaAthena's            This is @Quiet

      @Palpetinus's         @ThePreChewedTree's        @Zomsabra's             @sirmentlegen's

@DwerBomb's new                   It's Isaac           This one is @Blazingice26    @Blewcheese's

It's Lelouch vi Britannia              It's Ziggs                       It's Maxwell                    It's Bill Cipher

The big boss @JoeW      It's @Weirdobob       It's a satanic triangle? Maybe?    That's cheese

Welcome to Night Vale          @geni0529                  @Percival normal         @Percival less normal

@Percival as a homonculus @Pyromailmann            @DaverGamer                @Munixical

        @Mobbstar                  This is Wilson              She's name Willow              This is Wolfgang

        She's Wendy                     It's WX-78           Her name is Wickerbottom             Woodie

        This is Wigfrid                  And Webber              An angry Bill Cipher
I'm taking every requests! If you give a request and when I complete it, I'll edit the thread and put yours here too! If you like yours don't forget to leave a like.
Completed requests/triangles:
@Starvation's Kratos request
@Rabbitfist's Vel'koz request
@DwerBomb's Isaac request
@Rabbitfist's Ziggs request
@Starvation's Lelouch vi Britannia request
@MenaAthena's Maxwell request
@MenaAthena and @Mack18853's Bill Cipher request
@Starvation's JoeW request
@Halved's satanic triangle request
@shigad's cheese-illuminati...
@Halved's Welcome To Night Vale request
@Percival's three-triangles
@Halved's DS characters request
@Cozyhut3's angry Bill Cipher request
@[member=ThePreChewedTree's Yee request
@shigad's wish to make myself as a triangle
@Mack18853's Andrew Hussie request

@Zomsabra's Lord Death request

@shigad's sushi wish

@Prince143's DP request

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greenglacier    1247

U did one of Zeus and Ares, so now you HAVE to do one of Kratos

For sure! Hail Kratos!



Thanls :D You're the next.


The mention didn't work though

I gonna handle that minor problem.

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