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[Graphics] Graphics clipping and corrupting.

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Graphics clipping and corrupting.

Steps to reproduce

Whenever start up the game.

Describe your issue

The GUI and menu background graphics are messed up, the buttons and item icons on them are normal.

It does not majorly bother me, but it's a pain in the everything when you're being eaten by hounds and you're trying to find your axe in a mess of broken GUI.

The graphics settings beyond resoloution are greyed out, so I suspect the problem might be my (somewhat old) graphics card, although I've never had this kind of problem on this computer before.

I'd post screen-prints but I do not have sufficient privilages.

I can't list the Version number because the box that shows it is probably somewhere in the strange oblivion of broken graphics.

[EDIT: See post below]

Edited by Dantedeathhermit

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I know the processer is this:

Intel® Core2 Duo CPU T810 @ 2. 10GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.1GHz

Is this what you mean?

I'll look up how to find out what graphics card I'm running when I get time to if this isn't right.

(I doubt it is right, but I'm posting it just in case it is.)

The new "jumping spiders" made me run like hell, mentally screaming "OH SH*T OH **** OH SH*T I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY!!!" the first time I saw them.

Me gusta this change.

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