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[Exploit] Grave Digging EXPLOIT


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Grave Digging EXPLOIT

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1. Dig graves over and over again.

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My world has over 20 graves, that I've found so far. In every single one I've dug except for 1 I've been able to get weird items that have an unknown use (tentacles, tiny robot, ect.). These items give high intelligence about 80-100, so you can easily farm for intelligence this way. I think it is way too easy this way, and I hope these items have uses
or later.

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I wasn't sure if it was a bug or not, but either way it's way too easy to get research points.

Researching rope is easy as well. The developers have stated the research system is broken and they are working on changing it.

If the graves keep respawning then yes, that is a bug.

This is not the case.

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  • Developer

Yes, the items that you dig up from the grave are used for research purposes right now. The amount is relatively higher than other items due to the limited amount of graves to dig. The amount of research points that you earn will be tuned as the project goes along, and the items possibly have other uses. Cheers!

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