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Error during initialization - steam version


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As topic says, I'm getting this error when trying to start the game. I've played it like 2-3 months ago on the very same computer with no problems. 


I have a fresh installment as of today, no mods, only Reign of Giants DLC.


After reading this forum and couple others, I've tried:

1. Reinstalling game.

2. Reinstalling video card drivers.

3. Installing DirectX and VCredist from Don't Starve folder

4. Running in compatibility mode with Windows XP

5. Running as admin



Attaching my DXdiag and log files.



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  • Developer

Have you tried upgrading your video drivers to see if it makes a difference?


Can you try deleting your "settings.ini" file in your "documents\klei\donotstarve\" folder and starting up the game?

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Hey Semi, can you try a few things for me to see if these help:

  • Go into your AMD Catalyst Control Center (CCC) panel and try forcing your dedicated GPU to run Don't Starve?
  • Try changing your desktop's resolution to something other than 1280x720 and 800x600 before launching Don't Starve.
  • Open up your "settings.ini" file in your "Documents\Klei\Donotstarve" folder and manually change the resolution in the document to the resolution that you prefer to play in.
    For example, 
    fullscreen_width = 1920
    fullscreen_height = 1080
    Save and close "settings.ini" and run Don't Starve to see if that makes a difference.
Let us know if these steps helped Semi56!
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Hey Semi56, alas we've provided all of the troubleshooting steps possible and can't find any other reason as to why Reign of Giants is not working on your system.


Unfortunately all I can recommend is contact us at livesupport@kleientertainment.com about getting a refund if you had purchased Reign of Giants from the official Don't Starve site.


If you had purchased it from Steam, contact the Steam Support team as they will be able to look into a possible refund for you. (We aren't able to Steam accounts or games purchased on Steam.)

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  • Developer

Unfortunately we have no way of detecting if people have corrupted or damaged DirectX installations on their machines, but we'll recommend people trying the DXfix in the future.



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That did it!

I was going to start just another thread on that infamous "error during initialization", as no other solution worked (graphics drivers are up to date, IGP is disabled etc.). Also tried the various settings.ini files uploaded by Klei, but those didn't help either. Then I came across this thread and gave it a shot.

DXFix found two problems regarding the files system32/D3Dcompiler_43.dll and SysWOW64/D3Dcompiler_43.dll and managed to fix them. And the game runs now.

Thanks Semi56!

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