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[Graphics] Ray of light at night


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Ray of light at night

Steps to reproduce

1. Wait until night time

2. Have a source of light in your screen but not near you

3. (Cannot describe which position you must be in due to the ability to rotate your camera)

Describe your issue

I've recently noticed this when it's pitch black at night time and a firefly or lit pig house is on my screen. It lights up fine but once you get into a certain position, there's a ray of light that sources from fireflies, lit pig house, or a campfire.

The above shows the ray of light that occurs when I move south-west of the lit pig house. Sorry for the blurriness of the photo, for some reason or another the game's graphics are blurry on this specific computer but when I'm on a more powerful computer, it becomes the way it's supposed to be. Not sure why its like that. (Also probably worth mentioning that I play around with the window size a lot for the game and the monitor is a widescreen for this particular computer)

EDIT: This bug allows you to see items that should not be able to be seen in the darkness.





1. Dropping an egg in the darkness

2. The egg in the darkness. (with mouse over it)

3. The egg in the darkness. (without mouse over it)

4. I can see items that should not be able to be seen, with the "ray of light" bug.

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