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Filosifer    10

Picture Tinkerbell but a bit smaller size than as the player.

The wood nymph glows pink like the fireflies

contrasting with the trees to easily spot in the daytime.

These creatures only appear in woodland biomes

and can only travel a set distance from tree to tree.

When you see them they will be happily frolicking around a tree.

They will entice you with promises and gestures to approach them.

As you inspect them one of four things will happen:

1. You will get a kiss restoring your hp or a portion of it then they disappear.

2. They will offer you a wooden harp which they fuse themselves with.

(or maybe the player offers a harp to the wood nymph found in the graveyards.)

This chance will lower or not occur at all if there is an unused harp on the map.

On use the wood nymph will burst out destroying the harp and attack any hostile enemies.

If there are no trees around to latch unto they will die instantly.

They will fight to the death and if there are no more enemies they will disappear into the woodlands.

3. The wood nymph is actually a wicked nymph in disguise.

The wood nymph turns into an evil version with a blood red glow.

They will consume a portion of your health and begin to chase you.

Can be killed or will stop chasing if the player runs away from the trees.

4. The wood nymph will laugh at you and disappear.

Imagine you are being chased by hounds or worse, with low health and your armor busted.

Then you see a nymph in the distance.

Are you willing to take a chance on a possibility of aid or the risk of another enemy?

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