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PotatoDuke    10

I've read other posts on this, but have not found a definite answer. I am wondering if anyone has figured this out.

I have not seen a tree monster for a long time. Finally, on day 105, two of them show up at once.

I had heard planing acorns around them turns them back into trees. Had a stack of 40 on me. Ran around them planting acorns until I was down to 27. Nothing. Finally just made a torch and ran off into the night. Came back during the day and found only the big one. After killing it I burned down half the forest. Dumb thing. How do ya like me now, Mr. Tree Man?

Amusing stories aside, I've been planting trees for every one I chop down and then some. Does anyone know for sure if there's a mechanic to their appearance (or avoiding it), or is it honestly all just random? Like, was it my tree planting or was I really just lucky I hadn't seen one all this time?

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501105    20

From what I gather you have a smaller change of spawning one if you plant acorns for the trees you have destroyed. They can however still spawn even if do plant the acorns, so part of it is pure luck. I had runs where I planted acorns and had none spawn and I had runs where I had four treeguards spawn even though I planted all acorns.

And yes, taking revenge on Mr Tree is very amusing:p, though he can make for a decent ally against hounds.

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