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Three Word Game

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Starvation    50

If you don't know how this works:

We each say 3 words at a time to create a story (they get really weird and funny), any words are allowed, but they have to make sense and don't post anything you wouldn't normally post. So no 50 Shades Of Gray fanfics. You can comment more than once, but u can't comment after you just posted, you need to wait until someone continues from your 3 words, to then add 3 more words. The full story will always be updated here on the original post.


if you still don't get it:


Person 1: There was an

Person 2: old farmer who

Person 3: lived on a

Person 1: rock. He sat

Person 4: in the meadows

Person 5: just shaking his

Person 2: fist at some

Person 1: boys who were

Person 5: down by the



and so on.


If you do:

Comment below!



The Story So Far:

Yesterday I saw my aunt's leprostic infection and screamed she liked trains and cookie dough made of chalk, but she hated the little beeping, so she blasted away a truck. But then suddenly, a giant peanut exploded into a bear with peanut-butter and jam all over the floor along with intestines in the palace of bright sun's rainbow cats along the true seer. But then the mad neighborhood scientist barged in with a laser gun and began to shoot lasers at the laser cats until they were just fur-balls remaining in the drain. And then suddenly, something terrible happened. The Alpaca king spat fireballs at the bacons of a spanish king who wore dresses. The bacon sizzled and smelt delicious but was eaten by a monkey, then the wind got strong and danced around like an eagle with Nazi zombies. After quickscoping the Alpaca,





I'll start: Yesterday, I saw 

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Starvation    50

No, I meant leprostic. Like leprosy.



guessing you meant lipstick?


Was shiny purple

[For the sake of the story making sense, we are gonna have to ignore ThePreChewedTree's comment.]

but she hated

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