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Co-op... suggestions, and a glitch i found..

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Okay, as i have been playing the game, i have found a few things that would possibly make it one of the better games i have played.... adding a co-op mode to this game would, make it more interesting, you could work together to get to a high day count, or work against each other, to steal the other players riches, not only would it make the game more excitable, but harder as well...

Suggestions on Co-op:

1, i personally feel the map would be to small for a large group of people, hence why i named this thread "Co-op" and not "Multiplayer" so i'd suggest a max of 4 people..

2, Starting each player at random locations across the map.. that way if they do choose to work together they're going to have to find each other.

3, Night lasts longer, just to make it that slightest bit harder..

other suggestions:

1, Being able to make different/Stronger Armour.

2, Being able to make a range of weapons, (i.e sword, does high damage, and hits multiple targets but doesn't stun the monster. Bow, does less damage, but you can hit from a distance. Dagger, damage is high speed high, but doesn't stun.)

3, the ability to build more... (i.e, street lights, glass, mode of transport, a house)

4, being able to make a family... (not sure about that one, just thought of it then)

5, a story line, i was given the game by a friend, and i don't know how the person got there, why they're there, who the guy is at the start...

in my opinion the game just needs more to do.. i found myself bored at my base a lot, with nothing to do.. so i wandered and died in stupid ways, (i.e trying to feed a tallbird) i'm not sure if it's just me, but i found the game to lag a lot, and my person ends up running into a bush for about 30 seconds before actually harvesting anything..

the glitch i have found, you can research things without the alchemy engine, as long as you have the right amount of research points, just go up to your science machine and double click..

these are just my opinions, and suggestions.... have your say..

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LadyD    3435

No. No more co-op suggestions. This has been addressed firmly by the klei developers. The answer is simply no. (don't start discussing it here again)

I like the idea of story line and it is promised in the future.

The weapons and things are always changing.

Not sure about the family since a big part of the game is loneliness.

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i read the thread on them saying no to multiplayer, i just don't think it's the correct call.. i'd love to be able to play this game with at least one other mate, without having to screenshare, and skype and such..

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