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[Crash] Don't Starve won't load after system restore.


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Don't Starve won't load after system restore.

Steps to reproduce

1-Purchase Don't Starve through Google Chrome's web store.

2-Restore computer due to unrelated virus issue.

3-Attempt to play. (System restore went to an older save then the Don't Starve purchase)

Describe your issue

Hello. (:

I recently joined the Don't Starve bandwagon. I purchased Don't Starve last month. After letting my cousin play my laptop, it received some sort of virus wrecking havoc. Loading up on safe mode, I restored the computer to the first of the 11th, 2012 (Well before I had purchased the game).

At this point, upon loading Don't Starve from my desktop icon, my Apps on a new tab opening or through the Web Store, Don't Starve will load to the point of (Hard to describe) Two un-moving, clawed hands and the Don't Starve logo. From memory, I believe it is a frozen version of the loading screen. I still have my "Dont Starve_files" on the top of my Downloads, with a size of 2.01MB's and dated the 11th of December, 2012 9:50pm. This is the only trace of Don't Starve I have on my computer. I can provide my order number, if wanted to verify my story.

I believe that is all I can tell you about this problem.

EDIT: Changed dates and added my Email details, after I found them.

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Here is what you might need to do.

Go into you Don't Starve files in programs.

Locate and install the following

Installing vcredist_86x and DXSETUP


Go into your downloads. Run the don't starve files again.

If you have your key still might be worth doing a re-install.

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