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A Few Ideas (Items)

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So the other day when I was playing, I realized how the electric rod absorbs electricity. But doesn't have much use... So, I thought of something. You know whenever you fight the Clockwork Soldiers they shoot intense bolts of lightning at you? Why not make a badge or pendant that reflects all lightning attacks? Sounds OP, but it only can take eight hits. The thing though, is that it cannot be crafted. You must find it by fighting plenty of enemies. Basically a rare drop.

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J192    195

Defeats tons of enemies.

Gets extremely rare drop from said enemies.

Wears rare item.

Rare item protects 8 hits from specific enemies.

Rare item gets destroyed.


Kinda useless, in my opinion. Log Suit does a better job, can resist up to and seems like it appears out of thin air because of how easy it is to craft.

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