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Brand Smackin' New Don't Starve Let's Play (With Commentary)

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BobSajet    10

Hey what's up?

It's BobSajetGaming here with a new youtube starting with a Don't Starve let's play with Wilson. The first 3 episodes, the game sound is a bit stronger than my voice, but the fourth one, which I am making, will definately be better.

Tell me what you think of the channel. Also, I take suggestions, and do any challenges you might want me to do.

I also take suggestions on what games to play, but mainly, Don't Starve is what I will be playing.

Here is the link to the channel

Check it out and tell me what you think of the intro and the videos.

The editing will get better, btw. I just got a new editing program so I am getting used to it. The third episode is uploading now...

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