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[Gameplay] Bees never leaving their hive.

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Trainer_Zero    11

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Bees never leaving their hive.

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None that I know of, besides normal play.

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I've seen bees a total of one time in my game, very early on. I went about my business ignoring them as I didn't have the materials needed to harvest them. When I get to the point that I need the bees, they won't come out of their hive, ever. I've done everything from planting flowers all around the hive to leaving that area of my map for a day and still nothing. I've never attacked a bee either. Please help.

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Loki    10

Same problem here, Bees aren't leaving their hives past the first day. Restarting, even creating a new world didn't fix it. Playing on chrome.

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greyscale    10

Having the same issue. Haven't tried the kill all killer bees fix yet. I'll have to give it a shot.

In either case, these bees need to get back to work without resorting to mass murder.

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