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[Crash] Black screen after static.zip has loaded


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Black screen after static.zip has loaded

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Whenever I attempt to load the game

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When I try and load up the game on chrome, the static.zip loading bar will appear to fill up and then the background will turn black (no music plays). If I switch to another tab and then switch back to the game, the screen will then be white (or will still display the other tab's contents). The tab also becomes very difficult to close and I normally have to use task manager to close it. This is what the console reads:

80149601: GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_VALUE : glCompressedTexImage2D: dimensions out of range

I was able to play the game before the update without any problems whatsoever and I think I've tried all the steps that have been suggested:

1. I tried removing other programmes using control panel

2. I tried cleaning up my virtual memory

3. I tried updating my drivers, however my computer stated that there were no new updates.

4. I tried clearing out my cache

I can't attempt to play the game on steam either because I never thought to look at the product code before the game started crashing on Chrome.

Sorry, I'm sure it is something wrong with my computer and there is not a lot you can do, but I do rather miss playing the game.

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The DirectX Diagnostic Tool says I only have Approx. 128 MB total memory. I guess this is the problem. I never considered it because the game always used to work and I have been able to play other games that I assumed would be more taxing on my computer like GTA.

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