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Eerie Eyes in the Night! - Nocturnal Spiders and Reflective eyes? - Discuss

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Spook    10

Hello forum!

I had a thought whilst exploring some unmarked graves to the North of my encampment a couple of days ago. I had packed my kitbag full of essentials to last the night, but in a somewhat foolhardy moment decided to pitch my fireplace next to a rather large spider mound...the long and short is that I spent a *very* eventful night dancing with spiders and turned out to have been very fortunate in finding a short lived amulet in a gravestone earlier!

Anyway, I digress. I thought, seeing as being out at night seems very dangerous surely spiders must be able to see in the dark? Their nightly activities and big eyes certainly suggest a certain nocturnal preference! - Now most animals that can see in the dark have reflective lenses within their eyes. Considering the beautiful, yet haunting lighting given off by fireflies, I propose that spider eyes also gleam with a similar light. Potentially only if lit by the ambience of a campfire or other light source...

Imagine wandering in the woods at night with nothing but a torch or mining helmet to suddenly see hundreds of gleaming eyes staring back at you from the darkness! - Truly an eerie, if not terrifying sight to behold!

What do the rest of you guys think? Gleaming spider eyes or no? Let me hear your responses and comments

Spook x

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mobius187    30

A similar suggestion was made for another new animal, namely the owl. As for spider... I don't know. I kind of like hearing them and not knowing exactly where they are in the darkness until they strike.

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