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Side Bar is out of screen...

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WRobN    10

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Steam Win7

Version Number

dont know... latest since today.

Issue title

Toolbar on side is a little bit out of screen and text overs are definitly out of screen. Left part of txt is missing.

Steps to reproduce

all the time...

Describe your issue

The toolbar on the left is out of screen a bit. The text overs are missing the left side of text for about 50%. Cant read the text that way...

Im in full screen, 1680X1050x32@60Hz

Win7 64 bit, Q6600 2,3Ghz Quad2Core, 4GB DDR3 1066, GTX660 2GB

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Jonah Hollow    15

Well I know for sure that part of my tooltip text is definitely offscreen. Really bugged me when I first started to play. If they could just make it so the tooltip always stays on screen, no matter how far left your mouse is on the crafting sidebar, that'd be some nice polish to the game.

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Khrayfish    85

I got that, I don't think the game "supports" the "unusual" resolution sizes.

It works fine on 1600x900 for me but the others gave me the problem you guys are having, mess around with the resolution sizes until you fix the problem.

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