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Chester Missing Parts - Minor Visual Issue


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In a bit of a tangent, first off, I'd like to say, I haven't abandoned this community! I pop in once in a blue moon, not signed in though, to read what's up, not to mention I follow on the booking of faces so not much is missed although I haven't "art'ed" nor played the magnificent, Don't Starve in a while due to "atmospheric influences" and this being the final stretch of school! I love playing this game in the fall~ it just feels perfect!



I don't know if it is a big issue for it to be posted or if it has been mentioned of already, although I tried searching just in case and nothing popped up, but at some point Chester seemed to have lost his teeth and tongue when idle. I am not sure if it was also missing during movement because I haven't moved him that whole time but he did have them back temporarily when I opened him up only to be gone again when he closed. I think his "sleep" textures weren't being swapped out properly.

Now, I would have screenshot it if I wasn't too cocky in playing and was going to snap it later but I died and could not recreated the mishap. 

I had RoG on also if that helps any.

P.S. I miss everyone here. -n-

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