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Save files and progress gone.


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This weekend Don't starve was a free weekend deal on steam. I installed played, enjoyed it and bought the game. So far so good. The progress deleted the first time when I converted to the bought version. I was able to fix that and was able to at least acces my morgue and unlocked characters again.

I then activated the dlc and went into a huge play session where I played to around day 80. I quit the game a couple of times in between for an hour or so at the time and everything went fine. Then all of the sudden after a 3 hour break my save files are missing again. The unlocked characters and morgue were still there and my day 80 char was not in the morgue (I didn't die so that should be accurate).
After googeling around I found that a lot of people had this problem around a year up to half a year ago. I applied some of the tips and fixes including disabeling the steam cloud in steam and the .ini file and verifying game chache. Then after starting it back up I found now all of the progress was gone including unlocked characters.

I can't seem to locate the save files in the folders either, so I think everything is just lost? Or is there a place they could be that I forgot to look? What would the names of the save files look like?


I have played on one (windows) computer only, had some mods but these worked fine the first couple  times I saved and quit the game after the first save erase event.


I dont have much hope for a fix for my file and it has left me very sad after being so enthousiastic after buying this game and bingeplaying it. I hope someone can look into this and prevent/help others having the same problem.

Also it would be great if anyone could help me with how to prevent/fix this problem in the future? I don't realy feel like playing the game if I know there is risk of this happening again.


If you need any more info just let me know.

Thank you for reading and any tips are very welcome!

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If you have your Steam Cloud disabled, it should be saving all files to your hard drive.


Try checking in your "documents\klei\donotstarve\" folder. In the "save" folder, you should see save files with names like "survival_1".

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Thank you both for the reply.


The steam cloud is disabled in both the .ini file and steam itself.

I checked the folder and there are no save files to be found. I made a new game, this one did get saved to that location.

Just regular backups is all I can do then?


Extra info: the cloudsave was disabled while the second profile erase happened.

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