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Graphic: hurt screen when nothing is hurting me

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it is 2 or 3 days (ingame) that even if nothing is hurting me, the screen gets redder and redder, and the "hirt circle" closer and closer" as if i was to die.


but i am fine! full sanity, full health, full hunger, it is summer...


any idea?


using dont starve in normal play with a mac, i am on day 70 or something


thank you veyr much

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I have this happen to me at times. It's usually a delay in the damage taken. For me, I'll get hit by a spider in the morning then later in the day I'll get the red circle of damage. Probably cause of low computer specs. It may also be a mod. It seemed to happen alot more before I disabled the Minimap HUD mod. Still happens but not nearly as often or delayed.

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This happens to me as well.

I'm on a MacBook Pro - OS 10.6.8  (spec says should be at least 10.7, I understand) using the standalone app version 1.0, ROG installed but I'm starting new games with ROG unchecked.  I don't use mods.


My experience of the bug is exactly how it's described above - no sizzling sound. No way to remedy it, other than quitting and restarting.  I assumed it was related to overheating because (so far) it's only happened in summer... but it doesn't really look like the overheating screen shots.




thanks for the awesome game, y'all.  It rocks.  :-)


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