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Very weird bugs since the last update make Don't Starve unplayable for me


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Asking you guys here is kind of my last option because I really don't know what to do. I already deinstalled and reinstalled the game so that does not help. I also tried disabling mods, which did not help either.


Since the last Update, Don't Starve has been acting really strange for me. First of all, it takes unusually long to load. Not that much of a big deal.

But then I starteda new world and played as Willow, my favourite Character. I made some custom changes to the world like Long Summer, Less Tentacles, nothing special. Note: The spider settings were on Default.

I started the world and there were three chests filled with various starting items. I had this occuring to me before, so I didn't mind.

Then as I started to explore the world, I noticed that there were enormous amounts of spiders - mostly tier 2 and tier 3. I even encountered a spider queen. There were so many spiders that I was not able to set up a campfire without being attacked by them. This made it really unpleasant to play the game. I eventually gave up and started anew - again, spiders everywhere. The settings were definitely on default.


Additionally, about 7/10 times when I start the game, I simply cannot play because the only options the game gives me when I hover over the items in my inventory are "inspect" (left click) and "examine" (right click). I cannot move items, eat items or add fuel. This makes the game pretty much unplayable.


Please, if you could help me, I would really appreciate it! I don't know if I'm just being dumb or what, or if the update is simply trolling, but I love this game and want to play it.

Really really hoping for advide here :c

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For your first problem:

You have changed the world preset to "Default Plus"

That's why you got chests at the beginning of the game. "Default Plus" is supposed to be a easier start in a harder world, it's for a quick game of Don't Starve.

When you customize your world, make sure to start on the "Default" preset.


For your second problem:
Check if your ALT key is stuck, this key forces your character to inspect. If that's not the case, check if your controlls are changed in the options menu and reset them.


Hope this helps. =)

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Thank you for answering!

Yes that's been the cause for the three chests, I see. What about the spiders though? Is that normal for Default plus?


I tried it with the ALT key, seems to be working! But it was working before sometimes so I'm still suspicious :D

Thanks again! c:

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Yes, it's normal. (the spiders)

Like I said: "Default Plus" Is a quicker start in a harder game. That's what makes it harder. :grin: (and some other things, I think..)

Just start on default. You won't have the starting chests, but at least there aren't spiders everywhere. ;D

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