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The Reverse Alchemy Machine

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R__Man    12

There has been quite a lot of talk about how to acquire metals in Don't Starve. Caves, just getting ores from rocks, etc.

This idea works more in conjunction with them.

We all know the art of alchemy is the attempt to turn base metals into gold. I think that (As the title suggests) you should be able to build a Reverse Alchemy Machine. A machine that turns gold into base metals. This would be not only a little amusing, but fitting, as you would need iron, more then you would need gold.

The exchanges would change if/when gold becomes harder to find in later updates, but as of right now, it would be handy just to turn 1 gold into 5 flint. Seeing as you can have unlimited gold, but flint is a finite resource.

Tell me what you think. This idea may not be as great as I currently think it is, but sleepy, caffeinated me thinks it is pretty cool.

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