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Necromancy: the dark arts

What would make a great summon able monster?  

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  1. 1. What would make a great summon able monster?

    • undead spider
    • skeleton archer/warrior
    • undead tall bird
    • zombie
    • demon

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porky9441    10

I think some form of necromancy would go very well with the games darker theme. You could have a summoning table with the recipe being 3 cut stone, 4 wooden planks, and 2 gold. You would also have to craft a necromancers amulet to be able to use the table. It could be one amulet, 2 crow feathers, and one tentacle spot. To summon anything you would have to make a scroll which would be made with 2 papyrus.

Taking the scroll you head to the table and would have the choice of imbuing a summon of some sort to the scroll. Then you could use the scroll and someone something. To balance this I think it should take 40 points of hunger to summon anything. Let me know what you guys think.

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Brian_Boom    10

In addition to the minions the game could channel Necromancer's original meaning and have the character capable of reading the future or gaining insights via the summoning of the dead. This power could reveal portions of the map that are currently unexplored that the deceased was familiar with, inform of a new recipe, drop game lore that otherwise has no facet for entry, or piece of the puzzle in story mode.

More practical benefits could manifest in several forms: Regained sanity by having a civilized conversation with a former resident of the graves, gaining an ally by being able to interact with ghosts and gift them objects like clothing.

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