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Getting near The End; any useful advice?

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Bahger    7

I can't quite believe it but for the first time ever I have survived to the point where the clock in the mission selection screen says I only have 12 hours left to go.  Having got through four, or possibly even five consecutive missions on this run  (I think, it's all a bit of a blur), I have all four agents, EMP I and II, one small power-up, two medgels, Dagger, a Daemon-slayer, about 700 in credits and most abilities for most agents at Level 3 or above.  Shalem has no rounds for his rifle.  I would love to win the next mission rather than flame out, so I wonder if any of you can advise:


- With 12 hours left, am I better off choosing a far-off mission with lots of travel time or a close one?  All I want to do is unlock endless mode and feel I have beaten the game (albeit on Easy) rather than get greedy and risk a superfluous mission.


- Obviously I will choose a "Heavily Guarded" mission as opposed to an "Extremely Guarded" one.  There are two Vault missions in the former category (quite close by, too) and one other HG mission of another type.  I am leery of Vault missions as I think they have more drones and drones are my nemesis.  However, with all four agents and EMP I and II I should probably be ok, don't you think, even though I will be happy to find some ammo for Shalem as I have no other lethal capacity.


Anyway.  Wish me luck.  I am expecting to screw it up but maybe not, especially as I have been saying that since the third mission and have still managed to get everyone out alive every time.  I'd appreciate any advice you can give, whether in response to the above points or not.



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Sando    3

Try to pick up any last minute items you might need - armour piercing stuff, moar power, programs etc.  The last missions tend to have a least one major "chokepoint" where you'll need to take your time and carefully pick pieces off before you can move through.  And yeah, obviously make sure you have a decent plan for reaching the elevator before releasing the prisoner.


The last mission - if there's anything close, do that first, as you basically have "unlimited" range for your last mission before the finale (if you have 12 hours left, you could go to one 11 hours away, and then slip in a final one anywhere on the map).  But yeah, try to get any final items or upgrades you might need as a priority.

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