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[Exploit] - Laser Trap Disappearing Bodies

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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Laser Trap Disappearing Bodies

Issue Description: Late last night, I found what I believe to be a bug during an extremely guarded mission. It started with a camera drone that I hacked. There was a lot of guard traffic in the corridor and I needed to get the drone out of the way. I lead the drone to the lasers and destroyed the drone by turning the lasers on it. That worked fine, but then a guard spotted the down drone and went to investigate (the lasers were off at this point). He stood right in the path of the lasers and things were getting rough, so I turned it on him and he went down. As he was falling down to the ground, I quickly turned the lasers off and on and off again and his body disappeared. I'm not even sure if the tracker level was raised, but I had Shalem 11 at the time with an augment to ignore heart monitors so I didn't think anything of it at first. I was more focused on the disappearing body. This happened repeatedly during the mission with the same laser trap, so I can't remember if it happened with this first guard or the others that kept standing in those same laser kill zones. I don't know if it was because the bodies weren't stacking or what, but as long as I turned the lasers off and on and off again before he hit the ground, he disappeared.

I wasn't able to report this before the new grand bazaar update, so my apologies.

Steps to Reproduce: (unsure if it requires a body to be in those squares before hand)

1. If a guard is standing within the kill zone, turn the lasers on.

2. As he is falling to the ground, quickly turn the lasers off and on and off again.

(make sure you do it before he hits the ground)

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