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ShiftyCake    10

Anyone else think the map needs some nerfing? It just makes everything so easy, being able to identify everything in your world when you just started off. What if, instead of having it magically be there for some reason when you wake up, you are able to "make" the map. This makes it a lot harder in the beginning, since you need to go off your memory when in search of things.

Suggestions on the map:

- make it out of paper, ink and some "magical" item that makes it draw itself. Ink can be from the tentacles or something, and the magical item from the graves

- Make it so that after so much exploration, you need more ink for the map to continue to draw itself

- If you die, the map resets itself, since it'll have some sort of connection with your mind? (this'll nerf dem effigy's so hard)

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