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Weirdobob's Thread Made of Yarn or Sumthin

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  1. 1. Mustard or Mayo?

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Auth    9943

I'm the king of bad timing, whoops


Well anyway, before the moon shows up, some words.

Thank you everyone for participating in the not so end of the world end of the world celebration thingy. This is pretty much the most active this thread has been since it was originally made, so, thanks for making me feel special again even though most of it was "Bump"

I'll see all of you in the next thread where some new stuff is coming from me which includes a lot of stuff I've been asked for... Lore, art, random stories i think of, ideas i get, perhaps, and note this is a heavy perhaps, videos or video related things as well, such as streaming or maybe I'll finally make a youtube career and become a totally rich guy that eats swedish fish and has a billion submarine sandwiches or whatever that website does.

Until then,



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Sporb    1009
9 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

But 127 is a horrible odd number D:

If it makes you feel better, 128 is a power of 2 (27), so 127* is the highest number you can get with 7 bits.

*It's 27 - 1 because one of the combinations of bits is for 0.

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Donke60    3101
8 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:


23 hours ago, Mobbstar said:

You're a horrible odd number O:<

Well I never! :wilsondisagreeable:


Well actually 156 is an even number so mobbster's insult is false and also that proves the mobbster can not do 3rd grade math or use a calculator

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