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Won't Start Don't Starve


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It is Crashing every time i open it saying (dontstarve_steam cannot be opened becasue of a problem

Check with the developer to make sure dontstarve_steam works with this version of OS X. You may need to reinstall any available updates for the application and OS X)


  • I am using steam
    I don't use mods
    Version Number
    381133 is my content buildID
    The game wont even start
    I click to play and it starts loading then message shows up
    it happens before it even loads up, i never get to see the game menu


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What is your Mac OS version specifically, down the the decimal point numbers?


Does the game properties have anything selected for beta besides "None" (and could you move it to "none" if it does?)  


Are you able to Verify the Integrity of the game cache and get it working?


If all else fails, can you remove and reinstall the game again?


Should these steps not help, Klei will have to further troubleshoot with you. 

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My system specs are:

Processor 1.3 GHz Intel core i5

Memory 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Graphics Intel HD Graphics 5000 1024 MB

Software OS X 10.8.5 (12F45)


I have no other issues with games, i played garry's mod with my friend for 7 hours straight on saturday and I will be recording steam games soon so I would love to be able to play Don't starve


My Documets folder goes from Klei - DoNotStarve - Save and setting.ini(enable console is true and disable cloud is false) - mod_config_data(this is empty)

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  • Developer

I've asked the programmers if they have any ideas, but we can't think of what could be causing the problem.


From the sounds of it, the game is crashing before the game even has a chance to initialize (hence the missing log file)


Unfortunately all I can suggest is to contact support@kleientertainment.com and discuss with them about a refund.

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i downloaded the game on my mom's computer and it ran fine. She has a windows 7. But on here were some specs were better, it doesn't even start up. I love this game and I really wanna play it but i got it as a gift from my friend and idk what to do.

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Is there some kind of "Special Mac compatible" version you have to install instead of the regular one? Have you tried seeing if it's an issue with Steam contrary to the game? If you can't figure it out, it might be best to just reinstall steam altogether IMO.

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Thank you all for the help but i figured out that the shortcut being created was the problem not synced with steam but playing directly from library works fine and I've enjoyed playing so far. I'm zoo excited for wigfrid but thanks anyway, Peace. :)

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