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[Exploit] Game does not save at all when I log out


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Game does not save at all when I log out

Steps to reproduce

1. New game

2. Start playing the game as usual

3. Save and quit

4. Log out

5. The next time I log in, there's no 'continue', just 'new game', 'new world', 'import'

Describe your issue

Whenever I start a new game, start playing as usual, save and quit and then log out, and finally shut my computer, when I go to Don't Starve on Steam to continue my game, there's no 'continue' button at all. There's only the usual, 'import', 'new world' and 'new game'. It appears that all my progress has been lost except for my research points and the items that I have unlocked. It has really pissed my off because I've played until 30 days all on the SAME day and have gathered a lot of items, but when I shut down and go to 'continue' the game, all my progress have been lost and I have to start all over again =.= PLEASE help me solve this problem! Oh and this problem occurs when I have SHUT DOWN my computer. If I've simply logged out and then logged in 15mins, 2 hrs, 3 hrs later, there IS a 'continue' button. Last thing, I play with steam and I don't think there's a version number? Thanks for reading!

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the problem is from steam. even with steam cloud off, steam create a cloud profile and everytime you restart steam your save and config files get reset.

i have this problem not only by don't starve ... steam cloud is off by me but some games show that steam have create a cloud profile.

here you see some examples.





this are just some examples but don't Starve is the only game i have problems with. it loads the cloud profile even it is off and this is why we can't save on steam with steam cloud off. so enable your cloud and you can save again.

i personaly don't like steam cloud because you can upload all your save and config files but you don't have access to it so you can't delete it if you want -.-

i hope the dev team will create a option so we can chose if we want the cloud profile or only local files.

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  • Developer

The way that steam cloud is *supposed* to work is that we use the cloud API for all file access, and it does the appropriate thing under the hood dependant upon the user settings. I'm starting to suspect that it's not doing quite behaving as advertised.

The one failure case that I've been able to repeat is that if you shut down or log out without closing steam properly, it never does its synch. I'm talking with Valve about how to fix this, but with holiday breaks communication is slow.

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