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KayO199X    10

naturally, food is the most important resorce in this game. Because of that, i think there should be many more food recipies added to the game before release. Here are my ideas...

New Base Foods...

Milk- By crafting a bucket, you can milk certain animals. Milk is always the same, reguardless of what animal it comes from, however it dosn't stay fresh for long.

Cheese- After about a day, milk will culture into cheese. Cheese has less food value than fresh milk, but it also has more recipies it can be used in.

Tomatos- Another food you can grow on your farms. Rarer than corn, but more common than carrots.

New Crock Pot Recipies...

Pork Tacos- 2 morsels 2 corn.

Fruit Salad- 2 carrots 2 any fruit.

Chili Con Carne- 2 any meat 2 tomato

Pizza- 1 any meat 2 cheese 1 tomato

Fondue- 3 cheese 1 Twig

Spegetti & Meatballs- 1 any meat 2 tomatos 1 cheese

what ideas do you have for new foods.

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